Specialists in Infant Nutrition

With about 50 years of experience, Nutriceal Foods is the ideal partner in the manufacturing of infant cereals. Our infant cereals are recognized for their high quality and diversity, providing a balanced nutritional content with essential nutrients for baby development.

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The Right Choice in Baby Cereals

Nutriceal is part of a group mainly dedicated to infant nutrition, the Belourthe Group, with factories in Portugal and Belgium. At Nutriceal, we manufacture a wide variety of recipes and flavors for major brands, distribution chains, exporters, and distributors – providing products that meet the standards of any country.






Anual Production Capacity

The Pillars of Nutriceal Foods, S.A.

Research and Development

It is the foundation of everything we do at Nutriceal Foods S.A.

Successful Recipes for Any Markets

Nutriceal offers a wide variety of infant cereal recipes: with or without milk, with or without added sugar, in powder or flakes form, gluten-free cereals, organic cereals, with vegetables and fruits, and even cereals for adults. This diversity ensures that we have recipes suitable for the preferences and requirements of each country, at competitive prices. Currently, we supply our products in three types of packaging: cans, bag-in-box, and sachets.

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Our Priority: Food Safety

Our main final consumers are the most delicate of all: the babies. Therefore, our attention to food safety is doubled. Every stage of our infant cereal manufacturing process follows the strictest international standards From ingredient selection, through production, laboratory analysis, packaging, storage, and delivery. The entire process is controlled by a dedicated and experienced team.

Infant Cereals Produced With High Technology

The factories of our Group, such as Nutriceal, are among the few independent producers capable of manufacturing hydrolyzed cereals. This technology, which employs natural processes, makes our infant cereals easier to digest. It also imparts a sweeter taste with less added sugar.

In our drying and mixing processes, we can add various ingredients to the cereals, such as milk, honey, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, fibers, etc.

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Principles for Sustainable Development

The babies that our products nourish today are the ones who will live on this threatened planet tomorrow. It is part of our mission to contribute to ensuring them a better future by placing sustainability at the foundation of our production process.

The future will depend on what we do in the present.

Mahatma Gandhi

Get to know Nutriceal Foods S.A.

If you are looking for a partner for the production of infant cereals, NUTRICEAL will provide you with what you need. We are one of the most important and respected factories in Europe, and we have reached this position thanks to the passion we have for our activity, which always leads us to prioritize the respect for the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.