Environmentally Friendly, Economically Viable


Nutriceal Foods, S.A. is committed to sustainability as the foundation of its entire production process.

Sustainable Development

With the goal of being a specialist in infant nutrition, Nutriceal Foods, S.A.’s approach involves a clear, dynamic, transparent, and ethical stance in the chain and the surrounding environment in which it operates, always keeping sustainability in mind when creating its industrial processes.

To achieve this, Nutriceal Foods, S.A. focuses on continuous improvement of its processes, products, and services in an open work environment, with a motivated and trained team dedicated to maximizing all available resources, compatible with achieving increasingly higher levels of environmental performance and food safety.

The Benavente factory, through a culture of food safety and sustainable development, systematically seeks continuous improvement in the quality, safety, and authenticity of products, consumer satisfaction, compliance with legal requirements, and applicable requirements of customers and other stakeholders.

At Nutriceal Foods, S.A., we are aware that the industrial activity must be compatible with the pillars of sustainability. We recognize our responsibility to ensure a sustainable future and commit to:

Nutriceal Foods

Environmental Awareness

Our values are based on continuous improvement in environmental sustainability, evidenced by our Certification in Environmental Management Systems since 2009.
We work to ensure that our main consumers, the babies, grow up in a more sustainable world.

Nutriceal Foods. S.A. - Sustainability - APCER ISO 14001