Research and Development

in Quality Infant Food Production

Qualified Knowledge

Our R&D team has the experience and resources to work with B2B clients and private label partners to develop customized and personalized recipes that meet clients’s specifications.

Decades of experience in Research and Development

Nutriceal Foods has decades of experience working with many of the most recognized brands and retailers worldwide. Our infant cereal products are present in over 80 countries, including major markets from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to China and New Zealand.

Our primary goal is to manufacture products that, within a complete diet, contribute to a balanced and suitable nourishment, preventing future health problems such as obesity and reducing the impact of food allergies. To ensure nutritional requirements are met, we can enrich recipes with vitamins, minerals, fibers, prebiotics, and many other requests from our discerning consumers.

We prioritize developing new recipes using the best technologies and processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and the highest levels of quality. At Nutriceal, we guide and collaborate with clients worldwide, maintaining strict confidentiality at all times, and staying at the forefront of market trends to ensure competitiveness in a fast-paced world.

Our R&D team works directly with your team, from the briefing and product specifications to the industrial testing phase and subsequent launch.

How Nutriceal Foods Can Help

Whether you want to be more competitive, expand your product range to different markets, or simply need guidance on what’s possible or trendy in infant cereals, talk to us.

The Nutriceal team is here to support your business and give the little ones the best start for a great future!

  • Infant cereals with or without milk
  • Infant cereals with or without added sugar
  • Infant cereals with fruits or vegetables
  • Gluten-free baby cereals
  • Infant cereals with different textures (powder, flakes, pieces) for a gradual texture journey throughout age
  • Organic baby cereals
  • Special-purpose foods
  • Hydrolyzed cereal flours for the industry
  • Cereals for adults

How Our R&D Team Can Make a Difference

Improving existing products through reformulation to:

  • Achieve cost reduction in recipes with process optimization
  • Adapt products to market trends
  • Improve nutritional and/or organoleptic profile
  • Change format, size, or packaging content

Recipes that cover the special needs of babies:

  • Introduction to gluten with a new range of recipes
  • Allergen-free: gluten-free, egg-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Easy-to-digest hydrolyzed cereals
  • Cereals with infant formula and growing-up milk

Applying the latest scientific recommendations on infant nutrition and global market trends, always seeking the health and growth of infants:

  • Clean-label cereals (no added sugar, no preservatives, no additives…)
  • Ancient grains (corn, buckwheat, barley, rye, etc.)
  • Infant cereals with different textures (powder, flakes, pieces) for a gradual texture journey throughout age
  • Prebiotics FOS or GOS
  • Cognitive function: ARA/DHA
  • Adapting recipes for specific markets (Africa, Asia, MEA, Europe)
  • Private label and tailor-made recipes for B2B

Product Development Process

• Definition of the timeline
• Scope definition
• Product design

• Supplier contact
• Scientific reviews
• Ingredient screening based on:
○ Safety
○ Quality
○ Sensorial impact/stability
○ Cost
• Packaging

• Formulation
• Prototyping
• Sensorial analysis
• Nutritional labeling
• Process compatibility testing
• Product specifications and analysis plans
• Product cost
• Validation

• Experimental design
• Process validation
• Monitoring

• Quality assurance
• Troubleshooting
• Complaint management
• Raw material control
• Production control
• Product control

Nutriceal Foods

Research & Development

Food safety is a priority for Nutriceal, and to ensure it, it has a specialized and multidisciplinary Food Safety Team consisting of personal from various areas involved in the processes (quality, maintenance, production, development, etc.).