Who we are

Nutriceal Foods, S.A.

Discover Our History

Nutriceal Foods factory is located in Benavente, Portugal, and has been producing globally prestigious brands, such as Milupa and Bledina since 1974. Maintaining high standards of quality and food safety has always been a priority, ensuring consumer trust and securing the loyalty of our customers.

At Nutriceal Foods, our goal is to ensure the satisfaction, development, and growth of our clients’ businesses. We develop baby food recipes for major multinational companies and

private-label products for relevant retailers. The combination of extensive experience with continuous innovation and development allows us to produce perfectly customized recipes that meet our clients’ specifications, always based on the strictest confidentiality.

Nutriceal Foods is also developing its business with the Nutriceal Foods brand, introducing a new range of products, new formulations, and redesigned packaging.

Factory construction. Partnership with the Portuguese company Milupa 

Integration into the Milupa GmbH Group, a German multinational

Integration into the Royal Numico Group, a former Dutch multinational

Introduction of export markets

Investments in Bag-in-Box packaging lines. Integration and factory layout redesign based on food safety risk criteria

Integration into the Danone Group, a French multinational

Integration into the Cerealto Siro Foods Group, a Spanish multinational

Introduction of B2B and retailer business

Ninolac Internacional acquires Nutriceal, and the Belourthe Group is created. Renovation of the can packaging line

Beginning of the Construction of a New Warehouse

Since 1974, a Leader in Infant Nutrition

Nutriceal Foods’ portfolio includes baby cereals, cereal flakes (with a unique variety for family consumption), as well as dehydrated meals. We are currently working to expand the range to all family members, a goal that is on the future horizon of the business.

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Prime Location

Nutriceal Foods factory is located at Rua Vasco da Gama, 2130-197, Benavente, Portugal, in a privileged location. Being situated in the westernmost country in Europe, Portugal’s geostrategic position offers privileged maritime access, ideal for working with African, American, and Asian markets. Simultaneously, Portugal’s territory has the advantage of direct connections to all European countries via road, rail, or air,

allowing for flexible and speedy goods delivery. In an economic scenario where the focus on globalization and export promotion has been a common denominator of commercial success, Nutriceal Foods is particularly suited to support companies seeking economically advantageous proposals for their markets.

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Business Model

At Nutriceal Foods, we believe that the success of our business depends on our own business model.

Producing baby cereals entails assuming enormous responsibility. This is why Nutriceal Foods is the ideal partner to develop infant nutrition recipes for the segment, as well as to manufacture private-label products for major retailers.

We follow a strategy based on the following pillars:


We Cooperate With the Best Brands

Nutriceal Foods has decades of experience working with many of the most recognized brands and retailers worldwide. Our infant cereal products are present in over 80 countries, including major markets from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to China and New Zealand.