Quality and Food Safety

efficiently Applied Throughout the Production Process

The Best Technological Solutions

We ensure continuous updates to all production elements to guarantee a superior quality finished product.

Commitment to Quality

Quality and Food Safety of the finished product are constant concerns of Nutriceal Foods, S.A. to provide our customers with the best food solutions. As such, we commit to controlling all ingredients from their origin to shipment to the customer, through preparation, production process, and packaging phases. All our products comply with the strictest international standards of Quality and Food Safety, as well as current legal requirements.
At Nutriceal Foods, we continuously work on the development of new products and production procedures to respond to the needs of our customers/consumers.

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Conscious Quality Policy

Being part of an industry dedicated exclusively to the most sensitive consumers, implies, first and foremost, being aware of the need to safeguard the Quality of Life and Satisfaction of all those who rely on our rigor and experience.

With the goal of being a specialist in infant nutrition, Nutriceal Foods, S.A.’s approach involves a clear, dynamic, transparent, and ethical stance in the chain and surrounding environment in which it operates. For this, Nutriceal Foods, S.A. focuses on continuous improvement of its processes, products, and services in an open work environment, with a motivated and trained team dedicated to maximizing

all available resources, compatible with achieving increasingly higher levels of environmental performance and food safety.

The Nutriceal Foods, S.A. factory, through a culture of Food Safety and sustainable development, systematically seeks continuous improvement in the quality, safety, and authenticity of products, consumer satisfaction, compliance with legal requirements, and applicable requirements of customers and other stakeholders. Within this spirit of self-improvement and transparency, the following strategic guidelines for Quality and Food Safety have been defined:

  • Ensure that all products are produced in environments designed according to the most demanding standards of Quality and Food Safety, ensuring the identification of risks associated with transformation processes and implementing measures to minimize and control them.
  • Train, inform, and sensitize employees to ensure their own safety and that of their colleagues, the quality of the tasks they perform, always focusing on Food Safety, acting consciously, ethically, and responsibly.
  • Involvement of the entire organization in complying with legal requirements and other applicable standards followed by the company, as well as in the principles of social responsibility, including child labor, forced or compulsory labor, freedom of association, and discrimination.
  • Effective monitoring of all identified processes to correctly assess their performance and promote continuous improvement of the Quality and Food Safety Management System.
  • Clear, dynamic, transparent positioning and constant collaboration with other actors in the food chain to ensure product safety and final consumer safety through:

  • Selection of raw materials and packaging of controlled quality, from reliable suppliers, to ensure the specifications of the finished product ;
  • Monitoring the entire production chain from the supplier to the consumer through quality monitoring schemes, mutual knowledge, and information analysis ;
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction and identifying improvement opportunities, creating and implementing ways and models of customer relationships that will allow understanding and knowing their needs and expectations to ensure their full satisfaction and the creation of sustainable value ;
  • Constant updating regarding technology evolution and market demands, both from consumers and regulatory perspectives ;
  • Existence of plans that allow minimizing the impacts that our products may have on consumer health in case of deviations from established standards ;

Quality Management System

Nutriceal Foods, S.A. has implemented a Quality Management System to ensure food safety and compliance with quality standards throughout the production chain, supported by a multidisciplinary team consisting of elements who directly deal with the reality of everyday life, with knowledge of the lines or phases of the process under analysis, thus achieving the objective of correct and reliable analysis of the entire production chain.

This system is periodically audited by independent and certified entities as a tool for system improvement.

Currently, the Nutriceal Foods, S.A. factory is certified by the BRCGS – Global Standard for Food Safety.

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Additionally, the Nutriceal Foods, S.A. factory also has the possibility to individually certify (upon customer request) its products according to organic production and Halal production standards.

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Nutriceal Foods

Food Safety

Food safety is a priority for Nutriceal, and to ensure it, it has a specialized and multidisciplinary Food Safety Team consisting of personal from various areas involved in the processes (quality, maintenance, production, development, etc.).